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Jun. 20th, 2007

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Your mods are totally hot for you!


Keep writing and feedbacking and doing whatever else it is that you do, because the sheer amount of totally amazing Whovian Firefly-ness that I have seen over the past couple of days is SONICALLY SHINY. That's right.

In an effort to show you how totally okay we are with people posting fics a day or two past the deadline, I am going to sit on mine and tweak it more before I post it because I don't think it's ready yet. :P

But just know that people are dying to read yours. DYING.

Go forth and feedback and pimp and make sure the world knows that it's Ten/Inara Time. Seriously, this is so awesome.

(Also, we have bid a fond goodbye to greyfable's fabulous black and white header (memorialized in this INCREDIBLY gorgeous icon of hers I'm using!) and are now showcasing some equally brilliant art by locker_monster. You're both so great, I can't even talk about it.)
inara serra


Like Any Night On Gallifrey

Title: Like Any Night On Gallifrey
Author: Jen (jazzfic)
Disclaimer: It all belongs to Joss Whedon and Russell T. Davies. Cheers, fellas!
Spoilers: None.
Characters/Pairing: Inara, Tenth Doctor, Mal, Inara/Mal
Rating: PG
Words: 4,234
Prompt: Ten is intrigued. Inara is suspicious. There is banter. And eye sex.
Notes: Say hurrah for my first crossover! A big thankyou to goldy_dollar for the beta. Fake-cut goes like magic to my journal.

(In the space now free, leaning inconspicuously against the wall--seemingly as much to hide within its tastefully patterned surface as to use it as a casual resting place--stood a man...)

New Girl - it's Jess!


(no subject)

I just wanted to nag gently remind you all that it is, indeed, June 20 - The Official sonic_tea Deadline.

If you think your fic will be a few days late, I will obviously come after you with my sonic screwdriver and burn you with hot tea that's fine. We're out to have Crazy Crackficing Crossover Fun. Don't stress. *nods*

Quite a few fics have been posted already. And they are BRILLIANT. I know everyone worked hard on their prompts, so a little bit of feedback-y encouragement would probably brighten their day. So go check those out! I'll be posting a masterlist in a few days time! :D

Jun. 19th, 2007

gen || friends


Inara/Ten Fic: Apocatastasis

Title: Apocatastasis
Disclaimer: I tried to seduce RTD and get him to give me Doctor Who rights, but he's not into women, and I tried with Joss for ownership of Firefly, and his wife didn't like that, and Joss said it would only bring me heartache anyway, so as it stands now, I own nothing.
Spoilers: "Doomsday" for Doctor Who, and possibly "Lazarus Experiment" if I really get plotty and ambitious. Post "Objects in Space", pre/during-BDM for Fireflyverse.
Rating: PG? There's nothing really heavy, but just to be safe.
Prompt: Two prompts! 1) Ten is intrigued. Inara is suspicious. There is banter. And eye sex. 2) "You don't want to wait until it's too late."
Notes/Warnings: One traveller (that strokes bits of his ship) is missing his companion, while one Companion is missing travelling. Then things begin to explode, several people are taken hostage, the Doctor is mistaken for another doctor, and a good deal of fun suspense is had by all, as the Operative tries his hardest to get to one little girl, River Tam.

In case  you're wondering about the title, dictionary.com defines it as: the state of being restored or reestablished; restitution. 

This cut is as fake as the Doctor's excuse for being in a Companion House.

Beta'd by the fantastic  goldy_dollar. Many thanks![Unknown LJ tag]
New Girl - it's Jess!


Ficathon Entry: On the Edge of All Things (1/1)

Title: On the Edge of All Things (1/1)
Disclaimer: I do not own Firefly or Doctor Who.
Characters/Pairing: Inara, Ten, mentions of Mal/Inara, Doctor/Rose.
Summary: Another ‘Ten and Inara meet at a party just as something goes horribly wrong’ fic. I was a little worried when I read noblealice’s, but I think we ended up doing something quite different. :D
Spoilers: General S3 spoilers for Doctor Who, set post-FoB. Post-BDM for Firefly.
Prompt: Ten and Inara bump into each other at some upper-society Core function. There is chemistry. There is dancing. Perhaps Inara even helps him save the world.
Rating: T for ticking-time-bomb!Ten.
Word Count: 5, 500
A/N: Big thanks to ninamazing for the beta and help with character analysis. And also, for pretty much everything else, too. You know what I mean. :D

I vaguely set this sometime after the events of Lending a Hand (written with hjea) because I wanted Inara to remember Ten back when he wasn’t so emo and angsty. (You do remember S2, don’t you? You know, back when he was happy and bouncy and licked random things?) There are practically no references to it and I wouldn’t call it a sequel, but it’s important to know they have met before.

(Fake-cut to my writing journal.)
DW Magic Box


It All Comes Down to Time

Title: It All Comes Down to Time
by: browncoat_2x2

Word Count: 1074
Crossover: Firefly/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Inara. Ten. Implied Mal/Inara.
Spoilers: Vague allusions to events of Doctor Who Series 2
Rating: PG
Summary: This is almost, kinda, sorta, maybe like a prologue of sorts if there were to be a series of Inara/Ten adventures following this. That is not to say there will be. Not at all. Almost definitely won't be. But Time is a funny thing…
Author's Note: Never thought I'd do it, but here it is. Not only my first Doctor Who fic, but my first Crossover fic too. I blame it all on goldy_dollar *G* Also, thanks go to her for the beta!

It All Comes Down to Time

Jun. 18th, 2007

misc:stock:altar of passive entertainme


fic: distractions (doctor who/firefly) ten/rose, ten/inara, inara/mal

Title: Distractions
Author: lily_268
Summary: My idea of where the Doctor went in the brief span of time between leaving Martha in The Lazarus Experiment and reappearing in her bedroom. Post BDM in the Firefly-verse
Disclaimer: Firefly and Doctor Who belong to BBC and Fox *shakes fist*.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5000+ (yikes!)
Prompt: "Even after all this time, there are things I don't understand."
Notes: Many pinstripe-covered thanks to goldy_dollar who took the time to beta this and turn it into what it is now. If you like anything about this fic, it is due to her influence and skill.

You see, normally I just loooove a thrilling mystery, like for example, why you don’t want me to do this simple thing to save everyone’s lives. I’m good at saving lives, even made it a profession of sorts. So the intriguing thing is - why would someone stop me?Collapse )

Jun. 14th, 2007

Different Kind of Companion


Fic: Perpetual Motion

Title: Perpetual Motion
Author: locker_monster 
Disclaimer: Firefly and Doctor Who belong to their respective creators and producers. I'm just bringing them together because goldy_dollar  and ninamazing  told me to. :-D
Spoilers: This fic is set post "Objects in Space" for Firefly and post "The Runaway Bride" for Doctor Who, but no spoilers.
Rating: G
Prompt: The Doctor emotes about Rose. Inara comforts. And "After the storm, this was all I had left."
Notes/Warnings: Much thanks to ninamazing  for beta-ing this. You rock. This fic can be considered as an alternative epilogue to my Firefly/Doctor Who crossover "A Different Kind of Companion" though you don't need to read it to understand this story.

Jun. 13th, 2007

New Girl - it's Jess!


June 13: Are we there yet?

"Blimey, Miss Serra, I cannot believe that it's already June 13. Isn't that just something? Time certainly does fly when you're in a spaceship," said the Doctor, squinting at the computer screen. "Do you know? I believe that the sonic_tea due date is rapidly approaching."

"On June 20," Inara confirmed. "That's... what? Less than a week? I am certain the community's members are well prepared. After all, you do need some sort of cheering up from this strange funk you've fallen into this season. And I come very highly recommended."

"Right," said the Doctor after a short pause. "Um... tea?"

Inara's eyes glinted. "Sonic tea?"


Friendly moderator reminder: Your fics are due on June 20. I know that I, along with Ten and Inara, are practically salivating with anticipation. Good luck writing! XD

Jun. 1st, 2007

unique girl with the hair in her face


(no subject)

Happy June, everybody!

I HOPE YOU ARE ALL READY FOR LOTS OF SONIC-Y TEALIKE GOODNESS. goldy_dollar and I are sitting on our hands, trying to keep from bouncing all over the place in feverish excitement. LET THE TEN/INARA FIC POSTINGS BEGIN WITH MUCH ADO.

Once you're ready, feel free to
  • remind yourself of your chosen prompt
  • visit the Catchall Beta Post for some guidance
  • comment to request posting access so that you can share your fic when the time comes
  • post your stories when they're done (EE!)
  • or simply rewatch your Firefly and Doctor Who DVDs in preparation for this sonictastic writing explosion!

June 20, baby. I can hear Ten and Inara bantering already.

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