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Oi, this is horribly late. RL intruded and it couldn't be helped. :(

Title: The Fence
Author: </a></a>live_brave
Disclaimer: </b>Neither Firefly nor Doctor Who belong to me. I’d be living in a much nicer apartment if they did.
Spoilers:  General spoilers for S3 of Doctor Who through Shakespeare Code. Takes place between the series and BDM for Firefly.
Rating: PG
Prompt: Inara declines an invitation to be the Doctor’s next companion.
Characters: Mainly Inara and the Doctor, although most of Serenity’s crew make an appearance toward the end.
Author’s Notes:  I haven’t written a fic in quite awhile so I struggled a bit but I had fun nonetheless. This ended up being significantly longer than I’d planned but it’s good for me to get off my duff and write something. :D My sincerest apologies that this is so late – that pesky RL can be so intrusive. A big thanks to 

ninamazing for the awesome beta!


'This wasn't what Inara had planned...'

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