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fic: Apocatastasis (2/5?)

Title: Apocatastasis (2/5?) 
Author: intrikate88 
Disclaimer: I tried to seduce RTD and get him to give me Doctor Who rights, but he's not into women, and I tried with Joss for ownership of Firefly, and his wife didn't like that, and Joss said it would only bring me heartache anyway, so as it stands now, I own nothing. 
Spoilers: "Doomsday" for Doctor Who, and possibly "Lazarus Experiment" if I really get plotty and ambitious. Post "Objects in Space", pre/during-BDM for Fireflyverse. 
Rating: PG? There's nothing really heavy, but just to be safe. 
Prompt: Two prompts! 1) Ten is intrigued. Inara is suspicious. There is banter. And eye sex. 2) "You don't want to wait until it's too late." 
Notes/Warnings: One traveller (that strokes bits of his ship) is missing his companion, while one Companion is missing travelling. Then things begin to explode, several people are taken hostage, the Doctor is mistaken for another doctor, and a good deal of fun suspense is had by all, as the Operative tries his hardest to get to one little girl, River Tam. 
In case you're wondering about the title, dictionary.com defines it as: the state of being restored or reestablished; restitution. 
Beta'd by the fantastic goldy_dollar . Updated every Wednesday.

(Chapter One Here)

Inara leaned against the Doctor....
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