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Shift (1/1), Ten and Inara

Title: Shift
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and Firefly certainly don't belong to me.
Characters/Pairing: Inara and Ten, allusions to Mal/Inara, Doctor/Rose.
Summary: The Doctor teams up with Inara to solve a series of strange disappearances, resulting in much angst, confusion, banter, exploding things, and, oh, a mind-meld.
Spoilers: Post-"Doomsday" for DW, Post-series and Pre-BDM for Firefly. Shout-outs to DW 2x04, "The Girl in the Fireplace," and Torchwood 1x02, "Day One."
Prompt: Ten does his mind-meld thing. (Hey, it worked on Madame de Pompadour.)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 7, 484
Author's Note: This prompt was challenging, but I had quite a bit of fun writing the fic, plot and all. I wanted these two characters to meet during very hard times for them both, emotionally speaking, while still having a DW-style plot (mainly so Inara could meet Ten and be completely confuzzled ;)). Big, big, huge thanks to ponderous77 for the extremely awesome beta-ing. My roomies have awesome ideas, and this fic owes much to them. And to sake. And the House of Brews.

(The disappearances started months ago. A girl on one planet, a trainee on another...)
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