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So, it's been a busy past couple days for me and... better late than never? Anywho, here's my meagre offering for the wonderful sonic_tea ficathon! Yay! Thanks for hosting, guys. Now I've got to read all the other entries. :D

Title: Adventure or Nothing
Author: hjea
Disclaimer: Neither Firefly nor the new Doctor Who belongs to me. Both are the respective properties of Joss and RTD. Here's to hoping they actually put their writing powers together one day. ;)
Spoilers: Pre-series for Firefly and post-Doomsday for Doctor Who.
Rating: PG. It's very tame.
Prompt: "I'm tired of being disappointed with life."
Notes/Warnings: Well! This was somewhat inspired by the first Ten/Inara fic I read by the marvelous and talented goldy_dollar, Moments. Though I guess you'd say this takes place before it. Okay, mostly I just *loved* the idea of Ten and Inara having this established relationship that was so warm and friendly (and banter-y) and this is the result. Beta credits to goldy_dollar. She's the best. That's why I'm her minion. :)

The familiar man – tousled brown hair, thin figure and strange suit just the same as always, offered her a wide grin. “Inara Serra. Just as ravishing as ever.">
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