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Tea so good it’s SONIC: The Ten/Inara Ficathon

-Okay, I see why you might enjoy writing Doctor Who/Firefly crossovers, but why Ten and Inara?

There are the similarities. They’re both independent, commitment-phobic people who avoid making ties and inevitably fail miserably at it. They both have the capacity for deep compassion and caring; even for complete strangers. They both have mysterious pasts and they resist letting others get too close. They’re both intelligent and pragmatic. They’ve both found love and had their hearts broken by it. And from a purely superficial standpoint, they’re both very, very good-looking.

They would just compliment each other so beautifully—all intuitive understandings and unnecessary words. Because S3 Ten is broken and Inara is a natural healer. Because her lifestyle and status would fascinate him. Because she could keep up with his intellect and challenge him. Because crossovers are just so much fun, and there really aren’t enough of them.

But most importantly: it is fanfiction and we can. SO BRING ON THAT SONIC TEA.

-Sounds sonictastic, how do I participate?

Claim a prompt. Write a fic. Get it in on time. This ficathon aims to be as easy and as flexible as possible. The world NEEDS more crazy crossover Ten/Inara fics.


-Respond to this post and claim a prompt by May 20. Or two prompts. We’re not really that picky. More than one person can do the same prompt.
-Fic deadline: June 20.
-Having a beta is strongly recommended.
-All ratings are fair game as are other pairings/characters, but your fic must focus on the dynamic between the Tenth Doctor and Inara.
-In your header for your fic, please include:
Spoilers: (Particularly for S3 of Doctor Who, which has yet to air in either the U.S. or Canada.)
-If you finish your fic before the deadline and want to write another one, there will be arguments from no one. In fact, you might even get cookies. Virtual cookies.

Situational PromptsDialogue Prompts
  • Ten. Inara. Copious amounts of alcohol.

  • Ten and Inara bump into each other at some upper-society Core function. There is chemistry. There is dancing. Perhaps Inara even helps him save the world.

  • Inara ends up on the TARDIS. Can the Doctor get her back to her proper time period, especially given his less than stellar navigation skills?

  • The Doctor emotes about Rose. Inara comforts.

  • Ten is intrigued. Inara is suspicious. There is banter. And eye sex.

  • Ten does his mind-meld thing. (Hey, it worked on Madame de Pompadour.)

  • Inara declines an invitation to be the Doctor's next companion.

  • What does Inara think of a man in specs?

  • Inara and the Doctor both attempt to get the other to reveal their mysterious past. One of them succeeds.

  • The Doctor is impressed by Inara's intellect, but Inara is testy that he knows so much more than she does.

  • The Doctor figures out what is in that mysterious vial from the pilot. (Probably by sticking it in his mouth.) He's either A) Shocked and Appalled or B) Quiet and Understanding.
  • "You don't want to wait until it's too late."

  • "I've never seen anything like that before."

  • "What are you trying to forget about?"

  • "Once, I did. But that was a very long time ago."

  • "I left too many people alone."

  • "What's happening now?"

  • "I thought everything had changed before."

  • "Was (s)he worth it?"

  • "After the storm, this was all I had left."

  • "I didn't realize it would happen like this."

  • "It wasn't about you."

  • "I didn't think. I never think."

  • "Something about you is different."

  • "Even after all this time, there are things I don't understand."

  • "After a certain point, you can't hide anymore."

  • "There are too many different kinds of beauty."

  • "I'm tired of being disappointed with life."

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